Dr. Teddy McDavid


When Dr. Teddy McDavid moved to the MacGregor area 47 years ago, it was a thriving community. She’s seen it decline as families rushed to the suburbs in the late ‘70s and, over the last decade and a half, she’s made it her mission to help bring the spark back to Houston’s historical southeast neighborhoods.

She’s been the president of the OST Community Partnership since the organization was chartered back in 1993. This group includes 55 area civic clubs, along with area business owners and residents, all working together for the common good. Dr. Mcdavid is also on the board of the Greater Southeast Management district (GSMd) where she chairs the Business and Economic development division. Combining the strength of these two organizations, which they often do, these community advocates tend to get things done. Dr. Mcdavid and her groups have been working with METRO since the plan for light rail was only the germ of an idea. She sees the new Southeast Line as a perfect catalyst for attracting new business and new residents to the area, and she says the groups she represents are very pleased with what she calls the fluid, give-and-take working relationship they enjoy with METRO.