Carra Moroni

CarraMoroni_headshotCarra Moroni is a Registered Dietitian, a wife, and a St. Jude Hero who runs to raise money to support the important work of preventing and treating cancer in young children.  Professionally, her job title is Senior Health Planner in the City of Houston’s Department of Health and Human Services.  In that role she leads an effort of innovation to lead people to shift their attitudes and thinking about improving health outcomes. She is a visionary promoting new configurations of people working together on age-old problems to scramble the ideas and fit them together in new ways. Many of her ah-hah moments come to her while she is running to train for a race or just for her regular exercise.

As the Project Manager for the Community Transformation Initiative, Carra’s everyday work focuses on bringing stakeholders into new relationships to work on ideas to address the problems faced by many people-too little physical activity, poor nutrition, exposure to second hand smoke via use of tobacco, or exposure to smokers, and oftentimes irregular use of early screening and preventative services.

That work involves taking risks and entering professional networks not part of her traditional  network.  On any given day, Carra can be found at the table with individuals working on the twenty year transportation vision for the Houston Region, or meeting with a City department responsible for streets and drainages, about the need to conduct an inventory of Houston sidewalks, or meeting with the Houston Food Network to develop solutions that address food insecurity.  Her ultimate vision being an opportunity to bring all these entities together to work with the health department to ensure that the easy choice is the healthy choice for all residents in Houston and Harris County.

Carra completed a Master of Education in Exercise Physiology: Sports Science and Nutrition at the University of Texas at Austin. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Louisiana Tech University.  Carra is a native of Northeast Louisiana; she was raised on a corn farm before moving to New Orleans to work as a Clinical Dietitian at a local hospital.  After Hurricane Katrina, she moved to Austin for grad school and then to Houston in 2008.  Carra now considers Houston home and enjoys her neighborhood where she is able to practice what she preaches – walking to the grocery store, running on the bayou trail, and enjoying the friendly charm of Houston.

Moroni is the co-chair of the Houston Food Policy Workgroup, a coalition hosted by Houston Tomorrow, dedicated to nurturing the growth of a sustainable local food system, accessible to all, through education, collaboration, communication, and creation of a food policy council for the Houston region.

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