Jeff Taebel

JeffTaebelJeff Taebel is currently Director of Community and Environmental Planning at the Houston-Galveston Area Council, a position he’s held for 26 years. Throughout time, he has led important sustainability initiatives, including Goals for Tomorrow, a holistic vision for sustainable development in the 13-county Houston region produced in 1998. The 2010 update, Vision for Tomorrow, was even more comprehensive. He created the Livable Centers program at H-GAC, which allocated federal funds to develop plans for 17 towns and neighborhoods to become more walkable, healthy communities. He initiated the federal grant application to fund development of the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development, which is near completion today. No other person among the nominees has had such sweeping, deep impact on the Houston region. He has co-sponsored several conferences and other events and has hosted our monthly Livable Houston Initiative at H-GAC since 1999.

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